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Tana and I have had an incredible experience working with Bryan to create a Tree of Life garden. He has tremendous creative ability and he completely absorbs himself in his work. You can consider yourself lucky if Bryan works with you.”

Keith and Tana Davis

Bryan and his group at Expanding Horizons create fertile space that invites connection-with oneself, nature and others. Artful & intuitive-the best balance between creative process and practical, affordable implementation I've seen.”  

Steve Hoskinson February 6, 2011

“Thanks again for a lovely evening in your spectacular home! It is certainly a one-of-a-kind and definitely a showplace. Your talent for design and your workmanship are amazing!”

Thanks, Sylvia Evans

“We contacted Bryan in July 1998 to build our gardens. He is not only a great contractor, but an artist. He is reliable, honest and extremely conscientious. He is absolutely the best man in the profession of designing and building world class gardens. He is quiet and I have never seen him upset about anything We investigated him thoroughly before hiring him to build our gardens. I am sure he has shown you pictures of Pikake Gardens. Over the years we have an average of well over 6000 visitors a year to our gardens and every comment I have ever heard is they have Never seen a garden as great anywhere in the world.”..... “I can only give Bryan Morse my highest recommendations and praise for his ability. We have been featured in many garden magazines. If he builds your garden he is worth every cent you will pay.”

Sincerely, Clyde Childress; owner of Pikake Gardens

I see that genius runs in your family! Bryan's work is breath-taking! I've just begun to look at the images on his website. In many ways some of his riffs on antiquity and the Mediterranean, and his sense of humor, remind me of Picasso in the Louvre, using works of art to galvanize even better (and more original) ones. Bryan is something else.”

Jody Maxmin July 2012

“Great hearing from you. The yard looks beautiful and we are the talk of the neighborhood. You really helped transform our tract home into something very special. It is really wonderful to sit in the backyard and listen to the waterfall and hear all of the birds singing. Very tranquil. You should be very proud.”

Bill and Barb Probert

I just checked your website, wow, your work is fantastic. I saved an article from a December New York Times Home Section on the stone work of Jeffrey Bale and I think your work is even better!”

Thanks, Mary Beck (a North County Artist)

“The waterfalls and pond look great, and I get a lot of inquires about who did the work. If there's a garden tour next spring in Olevenhain, we will have our house on the tour and get you a lot of exposure.”

Thanks, Dan Klausenstock; Olevenhain, CA

Regarding Pikake Gardens: “YOU built an INCREDIBLE garden. I will never forget it.... Good to make your acquaintance. You’re a true artist and master in my book.”

Joseph Narducci Creative Production Director, TURNING POINT CREATIVE FILMS

The work you have done for us in the past has always been amazing and fair. So, let's proceed and have some fun!”

Tracy Burr; Riverside County, CA

“We swam in the pool last night for the first time. The pool is incredible. Better than we ever could have imagined. You are simply magical!!!!”

Tracy Burr; Riverside County, CA



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