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Bryan Morse

Bryan grew up in Rome Italy. He spent his youth studying the history, culture and the architecture of the towns and countryside that surrounded him. Strongly rooted in his Italian traditions, Morse has brought this depth and insight to the projects that he creates

With over thirtyIMG_0549a years experience developing his craft, Environmental Artist/ Contractor Bryan Morse has developed a style singularly his own. Bryan has visualized and constructed numerous unique creations, ranging from whimsical garden sculptures to entire Botanical Gardens;  walkways, walls, benches, pillars, monuments, pools and ponds, bridges, fireplaces, chimneys, domes and more. Bryan  currently resides in both Vista, CA

Bryan utilizes the power and the harmony of Rock and Water in the Garden to express his ideas and his visions. His tools of craft are rocks, cement, pebbles, glass, semi precious stones, tile, brick, paint & Sea Shells

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Expanding Horizons

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Bryan is also the current President and CEO of Alta Vista Botanical Gardens in Vista, CA

Bryan’s Rome Blog: This is what I wrote each day when I visited Rome after an absence of 35 years first in 2007 again in 2008 and again in 2010. It reflects, feelings, impressions and experiences. I edited it a little, added links to Wikipedia and other sources when appropriate and a few photos too

 "Bryan is one of the most talented people we have ever found," says Clyde Childress (the owner of Pikake Gardens). "He is an artist and a contractor. He made our dream a reality."

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